‘Mothree’ is a new musical genre to grow, grow…

Harvesters of music are now seeking new ways to share their creative energies through their music.

In an effort to create a music culture that is inclusive of everyone, the Australian Recording Industry Council (ARIC) has launched the new Harvester Music and Art Awards.

The awards, which will be announced at the 2017 IFPI Music Awards in Adelaide next month, are aimed at providing recognition to emerging Australian artists and artists that are creating meaningful music and art.

“Music is an integral part of our society, and we are all connected,” said ARIC chief executive Stephen Ritchie.

“This is an opportunity for our emerging talent to shine and be heard.

Harvester music and arts are a new generation of musicians and artists who are making music for their communities, and for the benefit of society.”

The awards will feature a new category called ‘Harvest Music and Arts’ to be announced in December.

This category will be based on emerging artists that have been nominated by their audiences, and who have been able to show they have the creative energy and ability to deliver quality music.

The ARIC’s Chief Executive Stephen Rickey said the new category will give listeners an opportunity to discover emerging Australian music and artists and showcase the work of emerging Australian talent.

For Harvesers, the opportunity to be recognised and recognised for their music is something to celebrate.

“It is a great honour for us to get recognised by an industry body and we really appreciate the support of the ARIC,” Harveser singer and performer Mandy Friesen said.

“We are very happy to have been given this opportunity to show what we have been doing.”

The ARISAC is a division of the Recording Industry Association of Australia (RIAA), which is a trade association representing the music and recording industries.

The awards are an opportunity that is aimed at creating a new music and music art culture.

We are all linked, Mandy said.

It’s great to see a growing number of emerging artists get recognition, she said.

The award categories will be presented by the ARIA’s CEO Stephen R. Ritchie and will be judged by the public via the ARI Awards website.

According to the ARICA’s website, the ARISACA awards recognise the “great achievement of emerging talent and to help ensure that they are able to contribute to the world and are not overshadowed by their peers”.


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