The 10 best-selling albums of 2018 from Spotify: Media & Music

Aussie music journalist and music aficionado Peter Ryan has compiled a list of the 10 best albums of the year on Spotify.

“I think Spotify has become a really big place for music in Australia, but also for Australian culture,” Mr Ryan said.

Mr Ryan says the digital music service was able to tap into the cultural and artistic zeitgeist with its releases.

It was also able to deliver albums from some of Australia’s most celebrated artists, such as Ed Sheeran, J Balvin, Aussie hip hop legends Future, and Aussie artists like J Dilla, and also artists that had not previously been seen on the streaming service.

The Australian Music Awards, a cultural and musical event that was originally launched in 2013, has become the annual venue for artists to perform.

While it is expected that the Australian Music awards will continue on Spotify, Mr Ryan believes that the streaming platform will now focus on providing a broader audience with its offerings.

He believes that Spotify has more than met its ambitions of providing a more inclusive and diverse audience.

“It’s really great for artists who don’t fit in Spotify, and they can play music that’s their own,” he said.

“They can play their own songs, which is great for a whole range of artists.”

And I think that Spotify is doing a really good job of making sure it’s also giving Australians access to artists they would otherwise not be able to see on Spotify.

“Streaming service Spotify has announced plans to launch its streaming music service in 2020.

Spotify will be offering a range of streaming services that can be streamed directly to Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, and Spotify’s own streaming music app.

In a statement, Spotify said the service would continue to be available through its own app, and will provide a more curated experience than Apple Music and Spotify. 

Read more about Spotify: Read this podcast on Spotify

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