Live: UK music summit to be broadcast on BBC News channel on Monday

The BBC’s news programme, Newsnight, will be the first UK programme to be streamed on the BBC iPlayer on Monday, with the programme’s presenter, John Humphrys, giving a special update on what is going on in the music industry, with an emphasis on the new BMG deal.

BBC Sport Music Media Summit: Live from the BBC in London will be streamed in the BBC Sport iPlayer.

The programme will air on BBC iListen, which can be accessed from the iPlayer app for iOS, Android and Windows phones, or from BBC Sport’s website.

In addition, the BBC’s iPlayer will also be available for free to all BBC listeners.

BBC Newsnight will also have a special feature on Tuesday, featuring the BBC News presenter Jeremy Vine.

This will be followed by a special live event featuring a panel of music industry experts, including BMG chief executive, Tony Wilson, and music industry veteran, Steve Horsfield, along with music industry figures and the UK’s top music business people.

There will also also be a programme highlighting the industry’s latest successes, including the success of new music streaming service Spotify, as well as the success story of music retailer Beatport.

BBC Music Media summit: Newsnight and iPlayer article BBC Sport will be live on the iListen app on Monday.

This is also the first programme to broadcast live online on the programme.

The iListen service is being launched by BMG to boost its global reach.

iListen has been used by over 4 million people in more than 150 countries to access BBC music and news and is being developed in partnership with the BBC.

BMG is the exclusive music licensing partner for the BBC, with over 70% of its revenue coming from music licensing and over 20% from digital.

The iPlayer is a digital-only subscription service that allows you to access music from any device, on any device.

It allows users to stream BBC programmes, music, sports and the BBC Music news, current affairs and current affairs news, plus music videos from the digital radio stations iHeartRadio and Spotify, and access the BBC news website.

The BBC iMusic service will also offer the BBC Sports News app, where you can listen to BBC Sport podcasts, including live events and highlights, plus a range of news, sport and business bulletins.

In addition, there will be a range in-depth feature stories, documentaries and feature shows on the BMG website, which will include music industry perspectives.

iListen is available to consumers, which includes the BBC and its content partners, for free, and will not cost money.

BBC News is available on the UK iPlayer from the following locations: BBC World Service, BBC News, BBC Radio 4, BBC World, BBC Sport, BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC Five, BBC Six, BBC Seven, BBC Eight, BBC Nine, BBC Ten and BBC Eleven, and on the following devices: BBC iPLAY, Apple TV, Android TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Smart TV 3, Philips Hue, Roku Player, Apple Fire TV Stick, Roku Streaming Stick, Apple Watch, Microsoft Surface, Apple iPad mini, Sony PSP, Google Nexus Player, Sony Xperia Play, and Google Smart TV.

BBC Sport Music will be available on iListen from the UK on Monday and on iPlayer in the UK from the date of broadcast.

Follow all of the BBCs music news and features at the BBC News room on Twitter.

Read more about music: BMG’s new Bmg deal will be announced at an industry event on Monday Follow BBC Sport on Facebook for the latest news and entertainment.

Follow iPlayer for the latest news and features from the BBC Media room.

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