How to get the best out of the Celtics: The NBA Finals

How do you build a championship team?

The Celtics were never a championship-caliber team until they won a series against the Cavaliers in Cleveland, but that was just the beginning of their dominance.

Here are the five best ways to win this series and maybe even the NBA Finals.


The Heat won it with LeBron James and Chris Bosh 2.

The Raptors won it because of Jonas Valanciunas and Jonas Valans.


The Pacers won it when they used DeMar DeRozan and Paul George together 4.

The Warriors won it by getting DeMarcus Cousins and Stephen Curry 5.

The Wizards won it in Game 5 against the Celtics.

All five of these teams have been great, but this series should really hinge on who has the better roster, which is where the Cavs are.

This series will be a must-win for the Cavs if they want to make it to the NBA finals.


The Celtics won the series by using Jonas Valance and Jonas Vujacic together.


The Spurs won it against a weak Celtics squad.


The Cavaliers won it on the strength of Isaiah Thomas, Kyle Korver, and Tristan Thompson.


The Knicks won it through the playoffs.


The Clippers won it thanks to a pair of All-Stars in Jamal Crawford and Jamal Crawford II.

The Nets won it without Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul.

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