‘No way’: Parents’ anger over new policy leads to protests

Parents across the country are furious after their child’s school announced they would no longer allow their children to wear their own masks or wear their school’s official uniforms.

A handful of schools have now pulled their students from the uniform, which has been worn by a handful of the nation’s top high school football players and some of the most decorated athletes in the country.

In New York, where the policy has been implemented since last year, the school district said it will now be the first in the state to start requiring all students to wear the new uniforms.

It said it has been informed by a number of school districts across the state, including those in New York City, and is reviewing the policies with the department of education.

“This is not an acceptable policy for our school system,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of New York-Presbyterian.

“This is an extreme, inappropriate way to address this problem.

We have to be vigilant.”

In other states, schools have been ordered to remove the masks, which were designed to protect students from head trauma.

But some say that the masks do not protect students, and some have been banned from participating in sports.

In Texas, which is one of the few states that has a ban on masks, officials said they would not allow the masks to be worn at a school.

The move by Texas is part of a larger national trend to ban school uniforms that do not comply with school codes and rules.

The latest school-wide directive came after a federal court ruled that a California school district’s new uniform policy was unconstitutional.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that school uniforms are constitutional and that school districts have the right to create uniform policies.

Last month, the Supreme Court declined to review the California case.

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