Boston music stars, news, and podcasts: The new Recode media series premieres Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

A little less than a year ago, we asked the question, “When will Apple get serious about podcasting?”

Our question wasn’t about whether or not the company would take a more active role in the space, but rather whether Apple would invest in it in a way that would help it become a true competitor to podcasts.

And today, we’re pleased to report that we might be one step closer to that day.

The first of Recode’s podcasts, which premieres at 12

ET, is an hour-long series called “What We Think About,” which will explore the current state of the podcasting industry.

You can listen to the series below, or subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music, and TuneIn.

As with the podcasts Apple has released, the show will feature a variety of guests, including the CEO of a popular podcasting service, a podcasting celebrity, and an interview with the founder of a podcast network.

We’re looking forward to hearing from all of them and sharing some stories from the podcast industry that you can check out below.

And as always, we’ve got a playlist of the top podcasts we’ve been listening to, including The A.V. Club’s top 10 podcasts, as well as the top shows of the year.

You’ll find the playlist on our podcasts page.

If you’re interested in being a regular guest on the show, you can sign up here .

The first podcast will be available Wednesday, December 2 at 10 ET.

For more on Apple’s podcasting ambitions, be sure to check out our previous stories on Apple and podcasts, including Apple’s plans to become the largest podcasting platform in the world, the impact that podcasting has had on Apple products, and more.

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