I love a new song that doesn’t sound like me

I love new music, especially new music that doesn “sound like me.”

I love the fact that it isn’t just a copycat, but instead an honest attempt to create something new. 

That’s what I think has made so many of the songs I’ve heard so far this year so refreshing.

They aren’t trying to be like me, but they don’t sound exactly like me either. 

What’s fascinating about these new tracks is the sheer breadth of genres they’ve managed to tap into. 

In the past few years, there has been a shift towards the more mainstream side of music. 

It’s not just the fact you have the latest releases on Spotify, which has been on the rise.

It’s also the fact there is a plethora of artists from bands like M83, Run the Jewels, The xx, and, most recently, Nine Inch Nails. 

Now, with Spotify’s acquisition by Google, we are seeing more mainstream music artists making the jump to streaming services. 

These artists are using music from their catalogs to make a living, but there’s still room for artists who want to take the indie and indie rock routes. 

One such artist is DJ Yella, a singer-songwriter from Melbourne who released his debut album, The Future Is Nowhere, last year. 

His music is full of the pop hooks of his older brother, and the pop ballads of his more recent albums. 

On Future Is Nowheres he wrote and performed two songs for the soundtrack to the film, The Fifth Estate. 

The Future Is Here is an upbeat track about love and loss, with a hauntingly beautiful synth line that I would call “soulful.” 

“It’s got that pop ballad that is so well suited to being played live,” Yella told me.

“There are times where you feel so lost, and you feel like you’ve got nothing.

But the way it’s played, it’s so beautiful.” 

Yella’s songs are so accessible that he’s had to make it easy for people to hear them.

He told me that he has to take on songs that people might not be familiar with, but that they will enjoy. 

“There’s songs like this one called ‘Liar,’ that’s about a character that’s a fraud.

They call him ‘Lily’ because he’s so much like Lily, and she’s such a nice character.

So I made this song called ‘You’re A Liar’ and then I just played that on stage and everyone sang along to it.” 

In this song, Yella plays the part of a young girl, struggling to find her place in the world. 

I asked him if he has plans for the future, and he replied with a grin: “No, I don’t think I’m going to write any new songs.

I’m just going to keep making music.

It’ll be fun. 

 The next step for DJ Ylla is to release his sophomore album, Future is Nowhere II. 

Future is a slightly different album to Future  as it’s less of a traditional pop song, and more of a synth-pop song. 

As I mentioned earlier, Yellya’s first album was produced by The xx, who released Future I in 2016. 

They have since signed the label Future.fm, which is part of Spotify. 

Yellya also had an album of his own out in 2019, titled Future . 

The song that Yella was referencing is a song from The Fifth Estate that I wrote. 

You can listen to it below: “When I wrote it, I wrote ‘L’est I Forget’ as a song about forgetting.

But I forgot that it was written, so I started thinking about how I would say ‘I’m not going to forget.’

I started to think about what it would mean to be able to say ‘That was my last song’ and that’s how I wrote that song.” As far as Future II goes, it features the likes of the Chainsmokers, the Lorde, and Daft Punk. 

Here’s the tracklist for Future: The Future You’ve Been Waiting For featuring Lionel Richie  and Kendrick Lamar The  Future That Never Comes feat. 

Liam Gallagher  feat.-Ed Sheeran  J-Lo The Last Song feat._Lorde   Daft Punk  Future We Are feat-Kendrell James  Lana Del Rey DJ Yella Future With Love feat, Jaden Smith  NME The Life of Pablo feat Nicki Minaj  TLC The Beautiful Things feat Nicki Minou The Next Day 

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