When will I get the flu? Media download

When will you get the influenza?

It’s that time again.

According to a study by the CDC and NPR, as of this morning, more than 11 million Americans are potentially infected with the virus, a rise of more than 3 million from yesterday.

Here’s what you need to know.

The first case of the virus to hit the U.S. is a person who tested positive last week for the flu.

According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more people will test positive for flu this week than in any week since 2009.

This is the first confirmed case in the U!

A lot of the new infections appear to be concentrated in two states: Texas and Georgia.

According an Associated Press article , there are at least 10,000 confirmed cases of the flu in those two states, and it’s possible more cases could emerge.

In Georgia, a man who was at a nursing home when he contracted the virus has been released and is in stable condition.

He was in a hospital in Atlanta on Friday.

In Texas, a nurse who worked at a Texas hospital when she contracted the flu was released on Friday and is stable.

Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott on Friday urged all residents to get tested for the virus.

“I am calling on all Texans to be tested for H1N1,” Abbott said in a statement.

“The virus is here and people need to get vaccinated.

The flu shot is available to anyone at no cost. “

I encourage anyone with a case to come into contact with their health care provider.”

The flu shot is available to anyone at no cost.

The CDC recommends it for anyone 18 years old or older.

If you do not have a flu shot, your health care team will call you.

The first dose costs $79.99.

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