NHL players plan to wear special helmets at practice

The NHL is rolling out special helmets for its players to help reduce head injuries and keep them from hitting the boards.

The league announced Tuesday it will begin allowing players to wear the special helmets during all games on the ice.

The helmets will be available for pregame warmups and will be worn by players when they are not on the court.

The helmets will not be available during game action.

The new helmets were developed by the Hockey Concussion Working Group, which has been working on the issue for more than two years.

They were designed to help players keep their heads in the game while minimizing head trauma.

The helmet can withstand impacts to the head or skull, and will not require players to use protective headgear.

The NHLPA also said it is supporting the helmets, saying it will support the teams who use them, including the New York Islanders, Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins.

The goal is to prevent players from having to use headgear, which could be detrimental to them in a game, the league said in a statement.

“The helmets are designed to provide a level of protection to the player while reducing the risk of head injury,” the league statement said.

“This goal is supported by the players union, the NHL Players Association and the NHLPA.”

The NHL will work with the NHL Clubs Association and player safety organizations to determine the best design for the helmet, the statement said, and the players will wear them for the duration of the regular season.

The helmet is the first in the league to include a sensor that detects when a player’s head hits the boards or other objects.

Players will have to wear it for the entire season, but it can be worn for a limited amount of time.

Players will also wear the helmets when they’re playing in their home arenas.

The NHL will provide helmets to players who travel for the games in the event of an injury.

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