Music Media Australia to make its ‘Best of’ list in next year’s ‘Best Music’ category

Music Media Inc. is making its ‘best of’ and ‘Best Of’ lists, with its latest list being announced today.

Music Media Australia will now be the first of the major Australian media companies to make the lists, and it will be the third in the last six years.

It comes after the ABC announced it would make the list this year and the Herald Sun said it was considering making the list.

News24 understands Music Media is a division of MediaWorks, a company that is part-owned by News Corp.

The list is the result of a partnership between Music Media and the Sydney-based publisher, which is also the publisher of the ABC’s News.

The first list is now due to be announced at the start of the year, with the winner announced at a later date.

It will be up to the media companies which make the Best of lists to make a decision on what the next year will be, but News24 understands it will look to get a better number on the best music in Australia.

Last year, the ABC revealed the number of music fans who listened to music online was at its highest level in 25 years.

The ABC revealed in June it had recorded a total of 4.5 million views of music videos, which was the highest number recorded for a single video ever, and the most viewed in a calendar year for the ABC.

The company has been hit by the digital revolution in recent years, with digital video streaming on YouTube and Spotify adding hundreds of millions of Australians to their listening habits.

Music is one of the biggest media brands in Australia and is widely recognised for its innovative media brands and music awards.

The Australian Music Awards were first created in 1976, but the organisation has expanded to include more than 100 awards over the years.

Its biggest accolade is a World Artist award, which it has won three times, including for music video director and producer Andrew Dickson.

The broadcaster’s flagship show, Q&A, has been one of Australia’s most successful, with a record audience of 11.7 million on ABC television, plus millions more on radio and the internet.

The Best of Australian Media Awards is expected to be held in Sydney on September 18.

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