Fox News: We are not going to ‘carpet bomb’ boston city, but we will bomb ‘anywhere’

Fox News hosts, including Steve Doocy and John Roberts, on Monday defended President Donald Trump’s plan to bomb Boston during a news conference.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, and other city officials have repeatedly rejected the plan, which was criticized by Democrats and some civil rights advocates as too broad.

They have repeatedly called for a more precise, tailored response, which Trump and some in his administration have rejected.

But on Monday, the Fox News host-host duo said Trump’s idea was “not to carpet bomb” Boston but to “bomb anywhere, anytime.”

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly asked, “Would you call it carpet bomb?

Bombing in a city that is predominantly white and Christian?

It seems like a little bit of a stretch.”

But Roberts said that while Trump had “a very specific, narrow plan” to bomb the city, “we’re going to go to anywhere that we think will help us stop ISIS.”

“The way the plan is laid out, it seems like we’re going after a place that has the most violent Islamic extremists, which is where they’ve been hiding for the past several months,” Roberts said.

“And if you look at this, what you’ve got is an Islamic extremist in a town of just about 80,000 people,” Roberts continued.

“So we’re not carpet bombing, we’re just going to do what we do best: bomb anyplace we think it’s most effective.”

Roberts also said the administration has not provided a timetable for the bomb’s deployment, and would only reveal details about the plan after the bombing is over.

“We’re not going carpet bomb.

We’re going carpet bombing,” he said.

“But if we are carpet bombing it will be after a bombing is done, because we have to stop ISIS before we’re carpet bombing.”

“There’s a lot of people in the United States that are so fed up with the President of the United State saying he’s going to carpet-bomb Boston and then bomb everyplace he thinks will help, and they’re not getting a response,” Roberts added.

“The President of United States should be focused on the real problems in this country, not just bombing cities.”

Watch the video from Fox News’ Fox News Sunday above.

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