How to listen to music on a smart phone without leaving home

The next-generation music streaming service will be more than just a streaming service, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

In an interview with Recode, Cook said he sees a future where people are using music services to share music without leaving their homes.

The service will work with devices like smart speakers and headphones, he said.

“I think there will be a future in which you have these connected things, like speakers, that you have a smart home, that connects your home and the cloud,” Cook said.

“And I think people will use it like a personal music service, that’s not going to go away.”

Cook also said Apple Music will launch next month with a slew of new music titles, including artists like Taylor Swift and Pharrell Williams.

Apple Music’s subscription fee will be $10 per month for up to six months, with up to 20GB of storage.

Apple also has a $7.99 per month “Music Pass” plan that lets users stream a total of 30 million songs on demand for free.

Apple is working on a “digital-only” version of Apple Music, but it’s unclear when that might launch or whether Apple Music subscription fees will be included.

Apple’s new music service has had a rocky start in the US and is currently struggling to find a place on Spotify and Rdio.

The streaming service has a lot of competition, including services like Rdio and Spotify.

The company is also currently negotiating with Amazon to launch a subscription-based music service called Music Unlimited.

Apple Music is not the only new streaming service being launched.

Spotify is expanding into the US as well, adding new genres and artists to its catalog.

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