Kurdish media is getting into music after its music boycott

Kurdish media has long had a reputation for its music.

But it has long faced criticism of its own for promoting violence against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), or PKK, the outlawed group that fought a three-decade insurgency against the Turkish state and which is considered a terrorist organisation by the United States.

Now, Kurdish media – including Kurdish daily Sabah – is embracing its roots and embracing a new, Kurdish-inspired music style.

“We are really proud of our music,” Sabah journalist Mustafa Ateş told Al Jazeera.

“People want to hear our music.

And so we are trying to create a new music scene.

I think there is a need for a new kind of music.”

Ateş, who is from the Syrian Kurdish town of Jarablus, said he started to experiment with new genres of music in his hometown about three years ago, but the music that came out of the Kurdish community was not particularly well-received.

“The Kurdish music has always been really good, but we have been under the influence of the PKK, which is a terrorist group.

So we were not very satisfied with it.

So I decided to create my own music,” he said.”

And I am now working on it.

I am working on some Kurdish pop music, too.”

Al Jazeera’s Youssef Fathy, reporting from Istanbul, said Kurdish music could be an opportunity for younger people to find inspiration and support.

“It is a form of protest, a kind of defiance, but also a kind to try and create a space where young people can come together,” he told Al, “and also to learn about what it means to be a Kurdish.”

Fathy said young people from all backgrounds were using the Kurdish music scene as a forum to share their opinions on the Middle East conflict.

“There is a growing number of young people who are coming out of Kurdish schools and universities, who are becoming interested in the Kurdish culture and culture, and they want to make it a space for discussion and a space of discussion and discussion about Kurdish culture,” he explained.

“So it’s also about reclaiming the language and reclaiming Kurdish identity.”‘

A very important step’For the past five years, Sabah has worked on producing and hosting Kurdish music events and workshops, as well as performing Kurdish music and other cultural events in the town.

“Since last year, I have been producing Kurdish music shows, which are in Kurdish,” Ateç said.

“And then I have also organised Kurdish cultural events, like a festival called ‘Kurdish Summer’.”

Now, I think that this has been a very important stepping stone for Kurdish music,” Atencı said.

The festival, which will take place on August 29 and 30 in the northern city of Şişli, is an annual celebration of Kurdish culture.”

I think this has brought back a lot of memories and I think the Kurdish people are ready to be proud of this new music,” she said.

Sabah’s music is inspired by Kurdish culture, especially by the songs of the founder of the party, Selahattin Demirtas.”

And we’re going to stand against Daesh.””

It’s about Kurdish nationalism, it’s about our struggle, and it’s our struggle against Daesh, and we’re not going to let Daesh come in our country.

And we’re going to stand against Daesh.”

This is a song that speaks about the Kurdish resistance, the struggle of the Kurds.

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