What’s the story behind the ‘camelot’ music site?

Music Media Factory, a music-related website, is about to get its first new name in about three years.

Its new name will be Camelot Music Media.

The company’s founders, Tom McLeod and Jason Bittles, have already built a strong reputation as pioneers of online music stores, but they’re hoping to make it bigger with the Camelot name.

Music Media Factory has a loyal following of music lovers and users, and the name change will give them more options to build and advertise their online stores.

“We believe the Camelots name is the right one for the brand, and it’s a great name for a brand that is trying to be more mainstream than ever,” Mr McLeod said.

“There are many other brands who have used Camelot names before and have been successful, but we think we’ve done it differently.”

Camelot Music is about as big as it gets for Mr Mcleod and Mr Bittels, who started out as an amateur musician when they lived in Tasmania and Sydney.

“I used to do a lot of DIY stuff and I’d come home and find the computer in the bedroom was completely burnt out and there were some other computers around,” Mr Bickles said.

Mr Bittls was working as a software developer in the early 2000s when he started to realise there was a need for a website that would cater to musicians, but he had no idea how.

“It was sort of a dark time,” he said.

“I remember sitting there with my computer and it was just sitting there.

I had no clue what to do with it.”

Mr Bickls said he started a site for music lovers that eventually grew to become Camelot, which became the name it is today.

“A lot of it was about a few people doing it together,” he recalled.

“The name was Camelot because I was looking for a better term, and I liked the sound of it.”

The company was launched in February last year, and is still growing, with a focus on music-specific content.

Mr McLeod says the site is now more than twice the size of it’s parent company, the online music-sharing service Music Unlimited, and a major source of revenue.

“This is a new generation of people coming into the music industry,” he explained.

“If you think about it, a lot more of us grew up listening to music, and this is just the first generation that wants to do that online.”

People are starting to realise that it’s actually better to listen to music than watch it on the radio.

“The new name has come at a good time for the company.

Music Unlimited was sold to digital music company SoundCloud earlier this year, but Mr McLeod said he’s now looking to expand into other genres.”

One of the biggest challenges for us is we are a small company, and we are trying to figure out what our future looks like, what are the future products, what kind of businesses we want to be in,” he laughed.”

But I think the big thing is that we are starting a business, and that’s what we want, so we’re going to try and figure out where we go from here.

“Mr Mclellas’ vision is to make Camelot the number one music site in Australia.”

Camelots biggest asset is the music, so it will be a huge boost for us as a company,” he added.”

Hopefully we can take that online to a lot higher levels than we can do in Australia.

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