Google says it will stop sharing music with copyright holders

Google will stop giving its music service access to media companies in Canada and Australia that use the music and video from copyrighted content, the search giant said Thursday.

Google will no longer provide search results for Canadian and Australian copyright holders with which it works and that it has relationships with that will lead to an “inconsistent experience,” Google said in a blog post.

Instead, Google said it would be more likely to show results for a search of “Canadian music,” for example.

That could be due to a “higher number of users in those countries” or because the copyright holders “are making a legitimate case for the use of their copyrighted material,” Google wrote.

“As a result, Google may see higher results for these Canadian music providers than it would for other Canadian and European music providers,” Google continued.

Google doesn’t make the copyright information it sells about its music or videos available to users, so it’s unclear how it would manage for the possibility that copyright holders could use it.

Google, which makes its music and videos free to download on devices, also said it plans to create a “safe harbor” for those who want to share their own music with those with whom it works.

The company will require users to explicitly ask permission to access their music.

Google said that when it makes a request for access, it will take into account the copyright holder’s request.

It also said the request won’t need to be explicit and that Google will not be forced to remove content that is linked to copyright holders’ websites or other online platforms.

Google is working with music companies on a new music licensing program that it said will be rolled out in the coming months.

Google said the program will include “exclusive rights” to stream music and other music to its users, as well as a licensing fee.

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