How to buy a Spotify subscription – and watch TV channels on your phone

Spotify’s music service has a new way of telling you how much money you’re making.

Spotify says it will be rolling out the new “Money Meter” app on iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets in the coming days.

The new app lets you see how much you’re earning and how much more you’re saving.

It’s an important move, but the app doesn’t give any details about how much Spotify is paying you or what the new rates will be.

Spotie’s new Money Meter app lets users see how many Spotify artists are earning per month and the amount of money they’re saving each month.

It also shows how much time users are spending with their favourite music streaming service.

“When you sign up to our free Spotify Premium membership you can get an in-depth view of how much music you listen to and how well you listen, with a variety of useful features to help you get more out of your streaming service,” Spotify said in a blog post on Thursday.

“With the new Money Meters, you’ll be able to see exactly how much your Spotify subscription is costing you, how much it’s saving you, and how you’re paying to get the same quality of service you’ve come to expect from Spotify.”

Spotify launched a new Spotify Premium subscription service in June and it lets users buy unlimited access to the service with in-app purchases.

It will be available to new Spotify subscribers on the iTunes Store in the US and in the UK later this month.

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