A few more words for you: There are no atheists here, says the Bible

The Bible has no atheists, according to the author of the most widely circulated book of all time.

In his new book, the Bible’s Atheist Jesus, John McWhorter argues that atheists are only there because people like Dawkins are trying to silence them.

“The Bible is a collection of books that have a very narrow definition of atheism,” he told News Corp Australia.

“It is not about an absence of belief or an absence [of belief in God], it is about the absence of any belief at all.”

Mr McWhorters said atheists were not in any way trying to shut down religion, and were just trying to make people uncomfortable.

“They are a very real and very difficult group of people to deal with,” he said.

“I have had many people, many Christians, who are atheists and want to be friends and people will say ‘Well, he is a good friend of mine’.”

But it’s not because they don’t believe in God, it’s because they are not comfortable with the way people think and how people treat each other.

“He said atheism could be a useful way to make some people uncomfortable, and to make others more comfortable.”

If you want to make it difficult for people to come to your house or to go out to dinner with you, that’s OK,” he explained.”

You can say ‘No, no, I don’t want you to come out to my house because you’re an atheist’, or ‘No I don, I can’t come out because you are an atheist’.

“I think that’s the main point.

It’s not to shut people down, it is to make them feel comfortable.”‘

A good friend’A former member of the Catholic Church and an atheist, Mr McWhers also said the Bible should be used as a tool to help people “to understand the nature of the world”.

“If I were an atheist and I wanted to understand how things worked, I would read the Bible,” he wrote in his book.

“But if I wanted something in particular I would start with the New Testament.”

So I wouldn’t read it to understand the Bible and then read the New Testaments, but to understand it as a whole.

“He also said atheists should be included in discussions about climate change, immigration, religion and much more.”

Some of the arguments made against religion are often very similar to arguments made by atheists,” he writes.”

In the words of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking, ‘There are only two sides to every question: the atheists and the believers.'”‘

It’s about being comfortable’A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that nearly half of Australians surveyed (47 per cent) believed that the bible should be taken out of public schools.”

Many of the people I’ve spoken to say that they feel embarrassed when they read the bible and find out it is not a book of truth,” Mr Mcwhers said.


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