Why you should listen to Beyoncé’s new album as much as you listen to everything else—and that’s the point, according to a new

in the magazine.

Article: Beyoncé on her new album: “This is how I felt when I was a little kid”By the time I was 10, I had a crush on this boy I was dating.

He was a genius and I was going to study psychology at a university in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

My parents had a house, so we lived on the outskirts of town, which was really nice.

It was just a really nice place.

We’d go out to eat and hang out.

When I was about 12, he started talking to me about his new girlfriend.

She was a girl, and she was very cute.

She’d just turned 18.

She had really big tits and long, blonde hair.

She wore a white dress with white stockings and heels.

I remember being so nervous, because she was so gorgeous.

We got to the dance and I started dancing with her, and then we got to talking about her new boyfriend, and we started talking about all these other girls we were dating.

And it was really weird because we were hanging out together all the time.

I was getting to know the girls, but I was really nervous.

So we had to stop talking to each other, and it got weird.

And she was getting older and I wasn’t.

And then we ended up going back to the apartment.

At that point, I remember going back and thinking, “OK, this is how we’re going to go about this.”

So when we started dating, I was just really excited to have a new boyfriend.

I loved his personality.

He made me laugh and he was so nice and smart and funny.

But then I started to see the flaws in him.

He took everything so personally, and I didn’t know how to handle that.

So I got into really bad trouble for two years and then I had to start dating again.

And the first time we dated, it was kind of like a nightmare.

We were really close and then it just kind of got worse.

And I think I was starting to feel like I had PTSD.

I just thought about all the girls he was cheating on me with and all of the other guys he was fucking with.

I wasn.

And that was really depressing because it was like, OK, I’m the worst thing ever, but now it’s not about me anymore.

And so when he started telling me about the other girls, it just made me feel so bad, because I was thinking about all of these other guys that I was fucking.

It just felt so unfair.

So I started looking for a way to get back on my feet and get over this.

And there was a website called ebay, which you can use to buy stuff, so I went there and bought some stuff, and at that point it was the first thing that came to mind.

I had bought my first guitar at a store in my hometown, and the next thing I know, I went into this store in Philly, and they had all these guitars.

And they had these guitars that had this beautiful golden sound and I remember looking at the pictures and thinking to myself, “Wow, this looks amazing.

I can’t wait to buy one.”

I didn?t know what to buy, so at that moment I went online and bought the new album.

I started listening to it the day I got it, because it felt like I should listen every single song, and that’s when I started getting really into it.

The first song that came on the radio was the one called “Bad Blood,” which is by Beyoncé.

And when I heard that song, I thought, “I have to do this for her.”

It was so powerful.

The other songs that came out were more emotional.

I also got into the new song “Satisfaction,” which was by Kendrick Lamar.

That song was so beautiful.

I thought it would be really powerful to have the song on the album.

And in that moment, it felt really good.

That feeling of empowerment.

I think the album is really powerful, because Beyoncé is so strong.

And her songs are really beautiful and emotional, and so I think that’s why it felt so good to be able to listen to it.

I think that the album really speaks to the fact that Beyoncé has grown up.

She has grown and learned from all the struggles and all the pain that she’s had in her life, and from all these people that she has come into contact with, so she’s grown up and learned how to be a stronger person.

And this album is just so powerful, it’s really uplifting and powerful.

It speaks to all of that.

I am so grateful for it.

And my biggest thing is, I don’t think I would have ever been able to do what I’m doing if I hadn’t been able and I’m so proud of myself for

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