How to make the perfect cup of coffee with your local pub

It’s hard to find a place to sit down and drink coffee, but the answer may be in your own backyard.

BBC News has the recipe to make your favourite drink at home.

Here are the steps: Place a mug on a flat surface Place your hand on top of the mug to lift it up Place your index finger and thumb together Place the tip of your middle finger on top Place the other two fingers over the tip and the middle finger over the middle Remove your hand to expose the back of the cup and let it drip drip down onto the coffee grounds.

Make sure you have the mug upright on a counter so you can see the bottom.

Now, put your hand over the top and pour coffee into the mug.

You can now leave the mug sitting there and watch the drip drip into the cup.

It should drip out evenly and the coffee will be ready to drink within 10-15 minutes.

The process of making a good cup of tea is similar to making a coffee – you put your hands together and place your thumb over the base of the lid.

Place the lid back on and allow the drip to drip into your cup.

Make it a habit to use a mug with a handle for your tea.

It can be used as a coffee pot, tea kettle, teacup, or even a tea spoon.

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