How to play the Sony PlayStation Music library without using a VPN

I was browsing my Netflix library when I stumbled upon this. 

It’s a simple, but effective method to play music on your PS4.

What you need: You will need a PS4 with the Sony Music library installed.

You can download the PS4 Music library from the PlayStation Store or purchase it from the official PlayStation Store (though you can also get it directly from Sony, but it is more expensive).

This will be the PSN or the PlayStation Network where you can purchase the PS Music library. 

To do this, head over to the PlayStation Home menu and then select Add-ons.

In the Add-on window, scroll down and click the “Play Music” button.

It will launch a pop-up menu where you will be able to select which library you want to use.

Select the music library you downloaded from the PS Store.

It is recommended that you do this right before you begin playing music on the PS3 and PS4, so that you are not overwriting the library when you begin to use the PlayStation Music app on your new PS4 system. 

Now you will need to install the PSM-plugin software from the Sony Software Library (this is a free download that can be found here). 

After you have installed the PSMC-plugin (or any other PSM package) on your system, you can launch it from your PS Home menu.

You will be prompted to enter your PSN username and password when prompted. 

Select “Add to Home Screen”. 

You will be given the option to use either a VPN (the Sony Network) or an internet connection. 

If you are using a PPTP (a PPTP proxy) connection, you will see a dialog asking you to connect to a VPN server (you can choose whether to connect through a VPN or a proxy server). 

If VPNs are installed, you should enter your password and click “Next”. 

Once you are in the VPN server dialog, you’ll see a “Connecting to VPN” box. 

After clicking “Connect”, you will now be prompted for the port you want the VPN to listen on (in this case, you want port 80). 

When you are done, you are back in the home screen where you should be presented with your PSM library.

How to play your PSMusic library on your PlayStation 4 via VPN and PPTP: If using a PSMC, you have a VPN enabled connection.

Once you have successfully logged in to your PSMC server, you need to connect the VPN client to your local network and you will have the option of using a Netflix-style streaming protocol to stream your music. 

On the Netflix-streaming option, you would enter the Netflix username and the password you used to create the PSMP-plugin. 

Once the VPN connection has been established, you then will be presented a list of your streams. 

You can either enter your Netflix username, password and stream information to Netflix, or you can browse through the stream by clicking on the Netflix icon. 

When using a proxy, you must enter the IP address of your proxy server (or your IP address will be displayed if it is not) to browse through a stream. 

In the Netflix stream, you’d enter the username and port number you chose when creating the PS MP-plugin you will then be shown a list. 

It will then tell you that you have selected a file or folder and you can select it to play. 

Finally, if you are only using a PPPTP connection, the same process applies, but instead of entering your Netflix credentials you will simply be presented the IP number of your VPN server and the port number of the PPTP client. 

Again, it is recommended to select a VPN connection first before attempting to use a PTP connection.

If you have the PSMM-plugin installed on your network, you simply have to enter the PPN password when you login. 

Note that you can only browse through Netflix using a specific Netflix client.

If you use an online streaming app like Netflix, you could simply play Netflix directly from your PC. 

However, it will not allow you to browse to other streaming services or to browse via multiple sources. 

I have personally used Spotify, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vevo, and YouTube, as well as my own favorite music service, Beats Music.

 As a bonus, it’s also possible to stream to a music library on a different device using an external Bluetooth speaker. 

Here is a video guide to the process that I created for Spotify users: How to use Netflix streaming on your Playstation 4 via a VPN and a VPN proxy: In order to stream a Netflix library on the PlayStation 4 system, it requires you to first connect your PS MP. 

This is done by going to the PS Home screen and selecting the “Add-ons” menu

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